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A critical look at Software, Algorithm, and Data with a multidisciplinary twist.

We live in a society mediated by software, algorithm, and data. Some of these mediations are manifested through social media, various platforms, and services. However, for a number (indeed, a significant number) of people around the world, our social, professional, economic, and political lives are increasingly being facilitated by digital connectivity between people, places, and things. This pervasive fabric of connected digital objects along with the underlying physical infrastructures, organizations, policies and the market forces related to this fabric now make up our “society” and “sociality”. As Geert Lovink succinctly puts it, there is no “social” anymore outside of social media. To take his idea a bit further — we now live in a S.A.D world.

I will just leave these quotes here …

Carbon emission

Veerabhadran Ramanathan, a professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego, explained that many polluting particles have a “masking” effect on global warming, reflecting the sun’s rays, canceling out some of the warming from greenhouse…

In this post, I describe how to use Python to compare two DNA sequences from two different databases. This is not about any specific scientific use case. I am primarily interested in the details of different APIs and data structures that deal with sequences. I am also interested in data…

On a sultry summer afternoon, I said goodbye to my first car.

It was a light gray 1990 Ford Taurus, and I took possession of it in 2003. At that point, the Taurus was already in its advanced age (110,000 miles!). I responded to a Usenet classified ad posted by a Chinese graduate student who was going back to his country after…

Excited about these two recent acquisitions.

The fact is that not sure how much I will be able to tackle Lucy Ellmann’s Ducks, Newburyport but I could not resist. I first saw and learned about her and this book when I was visiting Dublin a few months back. And last few weeks it has been prominently displayed at my local bookstore (Mayflower Bookshop Leiden, The Netherlands). And Nate Chinnen’s book was discovered at the cool Mondriaan Jazz Festival last week.

I also recently started using git to track my finished reading list. Check it out!

Sharif Islam

Data Architect@Distributed System of Scientific Collections (https://dissco.eu). PhD in Sociology. Bachelor's in Math and CS from the University of Illinois.

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