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  • Chris Jennings

    Chris Jennings

    I write about the intersection of technology, productivity, and mindfulness. Get my weekly newsletter at iterate.substack.com

  • Clive Thompson

    Clive Thompson

    I write three times a week about tech, science, culture — and how those collide. Writer for NYT mag/Wired; author of “Coders” and “Smarter Than You Think”

  • Lene Rachel Andersen

    Lene Rachel Andersen

    Economist, futurist, author, full member of the Club of Rome. Works at Next Scandinavia, Nordic Bildung & European Bildung Network. www.lenerachelandersen.com

  • Jonathan Bush

    Jonathan Bush

    CEO and founder Zus Health / Exec Chair Firefly Health / Founder and former CEO @athenahealth / #dataholic / Father of 7 / Seeks humanity in health care

  • Katherine Maher

    Katherine Maher

    Chief @Wikipedia enthusiast. Free knowledge booster. Believer in human generosity. Opinions mine, likely [citation needed]. She/her. 🤔

  • Christian Kästner

    Christian Kästner

    associate professor @ Carnegie Mellon; software engineering, configurations, open source, SE4AI, juggling

  • Dave Thau

    Dave Thau

    Big Data for the Environment, and friends.

  • Nazelie Doghramadjian

    Nazelie Doghramadjian

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