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  • Marian Čaikovski

    Marian Čaikovski

    Java, JavaScript and SQL developer. PhD in Biology. Bothered by climate change. Why before vaccines COVID waves were not as high as lately? It seems that only c

  • Will Lockett

    Will Lockett

    Writer and NFT Space Artists obsessed with space exploration, revolutionary technology and fighting climate change. https://OpenSea.io/DeepSkyAstro

  • Elena Pantazi

    Elena Pantazi

    Partner @Northzone, Talent & Portfolio Development

  • Chris Jennings

    Chris Jennings

    I write about the intersection of technology, productivity, and mindfulness. Get my weekly newsletter at iterate.substack.com

  • Clive Thompson

    Clive Thompson

    I write three times a week about tech, science, culture — and how those collide. Writer for NYT mag/Wired; author of “Coders” and “Smarter Than You Think”

  • Lene Rachel Andersen

    Lene Rachel Andersen

    Economist, futurist, author, full member of the Club of Rome. Works at Next Scandinavia, Nordic Bildung & European Bildung Network. www.lenerachelandersen.com

  • Jonathan Bush

    Jonathan Bush

    CEO and founder Zus Health / Exec Chair Firefly Health / Founder and former CEO @athenahealth / #dataholic / Father of 7 / Seeks humanity in health care

  • Katherine Maher

    Katherine Maher

    Chief @Wikipedia enthusiast. Free knowledge booster. Believer in human generosity. Opinions mine, likely [citation needed]. She/her. 🤔

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